Black Lawmakers Address Disparities

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The report called “the state of Black California” finds blacks have lower incomes, higher death and homicide rates and lower college completion rates than whites.  The study was commissioned by the state’s legislative black caucus.  Democratic Assemblywoman Laura Richardson of Long Beach says the report should motivate lawmakers to act:

“We’re going to bring equality back to California.  We’re not going to pull the wool over our eyes.  We’re going to show the Governor where we see the disparities that exist.”

Among the caucus’ plans:  Legislation to increase the number of school counselors, promote economic development in low-income neighborhoods, and reduce infant mortality rates.  There’s also a bill that would allow vocational training for prison inmates, and one to allow former felons to work in some industries they’re currently banned from.