Still No Rain In The Forecast

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We only got .07 of an inch of rain this month. The previous record for the driest January was set back around 1888. But senior meteorologist with the state Department of Water Resources Elissa Lynn says there’s still plenty of winter left. 

"It doesn’t help when you look out and see your dry lawn but hydrologically we’re really not in a drought situation yet." 

Lynn says a couple of very wet storms could get us back on track. 

"We’re about 20" down in water equivalent up there in the Northern Sierra so we’d have to really about double the precipitation for the rest of the season."  

Why haven’t we been getting any rain? Lynn blames a large upper ridge that’s blocking precipitation. Meantime, she says water storage in the state’s reservoirs is still in good shape, up 20% because of carry over from last year’s wet winter.