Sac State Faculty To Picket

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 29, 2007

Members of the California Faculty Association are mad that they still don’t have a contract. Sac State government professor Jeff Lustig will be among the union members taking part in Monday's informational picket. 

"How close are we to striking? None of us want to strike but if it comes to that to protect our own roles in the institution we’ll have to do that."

University President Alexander Gonzalez says his hands are tied.

"It’s between the CSU trustees and the representatives of the union. I mean personally I can’t do anything on this campus because I’m not part of that."

The faculty union reps say CSU’s top executives get pay raises while teacher salaries don’t meet the cost of living. CSU officials say they made a generous salary offer. Mediation talks ended in mid December.