Pocket Area Levees Gain 100 Year Flood Protection

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 26, 2007

Congresswoman Doris Matsui stood on the levee that overlooks the Sacramento River on one side and neighborhoods filled with homes on the other. She praised the completed work in the area to protect residents against the one-percent chance in any given year of a catastrophic flood. 

 “Getting to this point took—has been the result really of 60-million dollars of an infusion of funds and nine months of dedicated effort and this is totally nine months when sometimes it was 24 hours a day…”

Sacramento City Councilman Robbie Waters thanked those who completed the work over nine months—he lives a block away from the construction site. 

  “We’ve seen what’s happened out here and we’ve seen some high waters like we did in 1986 when it was very close to going over."
The Army Corps of Engineers says work in the Pocket area will be completed in the spring.  Officials say the 100-year flood protection designation could lead to lower insurance rates for home owners in the neighborhood.  Despite the new level of protection local officials warn that anyone living around a levee should have flood insurance.