New Calls for Sacramento Citywide Rental Inspections

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Members of immigrants groups and neighborhood associations gathered in front of the small South Sacramento rental home where two children died in a house fire earlier this month.

 Constance Slider is with the Avondale-Glen Elder Neighborhood Association—she lives one block away from the burned home.  She wants to see mandatory rental house inspections throughout the city—beyond the scope of a current pilot project that focuses on two other areas. 

 “Our neighborhood association is working very hard to make sure we live in a safe and desirable neighborhood.  Our vision is made extremely difficult when we have absentee landlords who are not invested in our areas …” 

Two city council members—Bonnie Pannell and Kevin McCarty also spoke at the gathering.  They’ll support another effort for a city-wide ordinance. 

Opponents of the measure say the program would be too expensive for landlords and wouldn’t focus resources on problem properties.  The council will hear a report on the pilot project in the Spring.

As for the South Sacramento home where the two children died, fire officials say no cause has been determined.  However, they say inspectors found a smoke detector in the house in the days after the fire, but it did not have any batteries.