City Council Gives Go-Ahead for Needle Exchange

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Supporters of such exchange programs spoke at the city council meeting. Among them was Leslie Benson who told council members she's been cured of Hepatitis C.  She says a brief experient in the 1960's could be to blame for the illness.

"But I could have just those few weeks of experimenting injection drug use acquired Hepatitis C then.  It could have been HIV if I had been an experimenter later."

No one spoke against the idea at the meeting.  However opponents to such programs say they promote illegal drug use.  City Councilwoman Sandy Sheedy who introduced the ordinance says it will help take care of dirty hypodermic needles and she hopes for much more.

"You have an outreach program here that you might be able to reach some of the people who are IV drug users and get them on a different path."

Sacramento County's healh officer Doctor Glennah Trochet will administer the program.  She says it's possible an exchange program will get underway within the year.