Early Primary Mixed Bag For Voter Turnout

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 22, 2007

Mark Baldassare expects Californians to be fired up if we have a Presidential primary in February, rather than June like we normally do.  The Public Policy Institute Survey Director says people want their votes to count…and this would give Californians a voice in the Presidential primary contests.  But, he points out, we’d still have legislative elections in June:

The fact that we’re moving the presidential primary up is going to boost the voter turnout in February, but it may very well create more difficulties in terms of getting a substantial number of voters to show up in June and then back fro the Presidential election in November.”

Baldassare notes there was record low turnout in last June’s primary.  More than one lawmaker’s already introduced a bill to make the move to February, and the Governor supports the idea.  Some have expressed concerns about the cost of a third statewide election.