Cutting Back On Carbon in Gasoline

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 18, 2007

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke on the steps of the state Capitol in front of cars that run on hydrogen and electricity—even a yellow cab that runs on natural gas.

He says his new fuel standard will make those types of cars more prevalent in the future… Its objective is a ten-percent reduction in carbon content of fuels like gasoline and diesel.

Schwarzenegger says this standard will power new markets for gasoline alternatives. 
    “Right now entrepreneurs from around the world are investing billions of dollars in clean energy and in alternative fuels. Basically by us signing this executive order today what we’re saying to those companies is come here, this is where the action is …”
Governor Schwarzenegger shared the stage with industry representatives from Chevron, P-G-and-E and an ethanol producer. Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian (fah-bee-ahn) Nunez is also hoping to provide money for ongoing alternative fuel research.