New Training Center Touted as Collaborative Effort

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The long one-story building that’s on the site of the former McClellan Air Force base may not seem so special. 

But the occupants say the work within is breaking down former turf battles. 

Half a dozen agencies from local, state and federal governments are all housed together now.  They include homeland security, public health and terrorism prevention. 

Sacramento City Police Chief Albert Najera says having everyone together means better protection for the community. 

“The one huge thing that we have seen from 9/11 is the inability of government to communicate with itself in the event of a large scale disaster.  This building represents our ability to do that…”
State officials say this center is only the second of its kind in the nation—the other regional public safety training facility is located in Los Angeles.