Governor Seeks Federal Funds For Farmers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The months ahead will be painful for strawberry, avocado and citrus lovers.
California’s long-winded cold snap is killing crops…
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking for immediate federal assistance for farmers in ten California counties.
That could help clear the way for federal low-interest loans for growers in Fresno, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. 
Eric Stein with the California Department of Food and Agriculture says with continued cold temperatures expected, the extent of loss won’t be known until next week. 
  “So even if we do see a warming trend of a couple of degrees there is a lot of damage and we have some very weak plants and trees out there being affected…”

Growers of nursery plants are also being hit hard.  They’re facing plant losses and high energy costs to heat greenhouses. 

 State health officials say Californians seem to be coping well with the cold temperatures.  They say few serious health problems have been reported.