Lawmaker Agendas: State Senator Dave Cox

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cox was elected to the state Senate in 2004, after serving the maximum six years in the state Assembly.  His vision for 2007 is little changed from what his party’s stood for all along – fiscal reform:
We’re going to continue to work on items that help bring stability to the economy of the state of California, as well as continue to work to eliminate the deficit that we have with the state budget.
He also says he and other Republican senators will work on behalf of small businesses:
In order to continue to move California’s economy ahead, you have to have an environment that is good for small business.  We clearly are a state that is over-litigated, overtaxed and over-regulated and so from that standpoint, it makes it very difficult for many small businesses to grow and move ahead.
As for his relationship with the Governor, even though they are both from the same party, Cox keeps a wary eye:
Let me just tell you, this governor is very charismatic, and certainly
has his agenda.  And there’s sometimes that my side of the aisle can go with him, and there are other times because of just good government, we’ll have to oppose him, we’ll just have to go on that basis.
Last year, Cox authored several bills that were signed by the Governor, including an extension for hospitals that are trying to meet seismic safety standards and a bill that will relieve congestion caused by the now-closed Folsom Dam Road.