Lawmakers React to Governor's State of the State Speech

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Assembly Democratic Leader Fabian Nunez says there’s a lot for Democrats to love about the Governor’s proposals. But there are a couple of things that won’t fly —including building new prisons: 

"I don’t support building one more prison in the state of California until and unless we can convince the people we are ready to do serious rehabilitation in our jails…” 

Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines says the Governor’s healthcare proposal and its requirement that employers either provide coverage or pay into a state fund--won’t work for the GOP… 

“There is a tax in there, that is a business tax a jobs tax… that’s a line in the sand for Republicans…”
Democrats say the Governor must work Republicans to achieve his agenda… And in an apparent effort to reach out to his own party Schwarzenegger previewed today’s budget proposal.   He says he’ll dramatically reduce the budget deficit.