Lawmakers React to Budget Proposal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democrats say the Governor’s proposed budget is something they can work with…. But Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says they’ll draw the line on a plan to cut a social welfare program. 

 “He does take away food from the table of children who for the most part are of single mothers who are raising their children under the calworks program…” 

The Governor’s budget includes eliminating a multi-billion dollar deficit and putting two billion into a rainy day fund.  Republican state Senator Dennis Hollingsworth is vice-chairman of the budget committee.  He says that’s not enough coverage. 

“Well we’ve seen in the past that a two-billion dollar reserve with a budget over a-hundred billion dollars that that can disappear very quickly.” 

The Governor’s budget also relies on some tribal gaming funds to close the budget gap but Democrats point out there’s no agreement on that yet between tribes and the state.