State Of The State: Governor Calls For New Spending

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Comparing California to the ancient city states of Athens and Sparta,
Governor Schwarzenegger encouraged lawmakers to think big – and spend big.  The Governor is proposing more than 40 billion dollars – mostly bond funds – for schools, universities, dams and prisons.  Some of those might sound familiar.  They’re ideas Schwarzenegger put forth last year, but they didn’t make it into the massive borrowing package that voters approved in November.  The Governor says it’s time to go to the voters again:

  “We are a big state and we have big needs and we have made a big downpayment but the job is not finished.”

Schwarzenegger also re-iterated his pledge to reform healthcare, and proposed the state develop a low carbon fuel standard to work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Republicans and Democrats are already squaring off on the issues of building new dams – and taking on new bond debt.