Reaction to Governor's Healthcare Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 8, 2007

The California Labor Federation says the Governor’s plan falls far short—particularly the proposal to require employers with ten or more workers to either provide coverage or pay four-percent of payroll into a fund to help people purchase insurance.  Labor officials say that’s not nearly enough.    Inez Martinez is a single mother who works in a grocery store.  She says the Governor’s requirement that all Californians have health insurance worries her.  

“Just hearing everything they said earlier got me sick to my stomach, basic (sic) ‘cause I’m going to have another payment, another bill, another thing to worry about…” 

The Assembly Democratic leader has said the individual mandate concerns him—but also that he found a number of things to like in the plan. Assembly Republicans have said they are concerned about the requirement for businesses to cover employees.