More Reaction to the Governor's Healthcare Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 8, 2007

Assembly Speaker Nuenz says his plan has a lot in common with what the Governor has presented. However, he says he can’t support the Governor’s call to require all Californians to carry health coverage. 

“I’m not prepared  to say that every individual ought to be mandated to carry healthcare insurance until and unless we solve the problem of the costs of the premiums for healthcare and we have not solved that yet…” 

Nunez says what’s of primary concern to him is that all children have health insurance coverage. 
The plan that was unveiled Monday would require employers with ten workers or more to provide health coverage to their employees or pay four-percent of their payroll into a program to cover the uninsured.  The proposal would also prevent insurers from rejecting coverage based on a person’s age or prior medical condition.