Governor Wants To Require All Californians Have Health Insurance

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(Sacramento, Ca)
Monday, January 8, 2007

The Governor’s plan affects nearly every player in the health care industry.  Individuals would be required to have coverage, and businesses with more than 10 employees would be required to offer it – or pay into a state fund to help cover the uninsured.  Insurance companies would have to spend 85 percent of premium dollars on patient care….and the Governor says they could no longer pick and choose who to cover:

“They turn away people who are sick or past a certain age and I think this is wrong.  My plan will put an end to that, and I will not allow insurers to deny coverage to people because of age or because of health status.”

The state would expand its program that covers low income families – extending coverage to more children – regardless of immigration status.  Reaction has varied – Democrats don’t like the mandates on individuals, and Republicans don’t like the mandates on businesses.