Global Warming Good For Rural Counties

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(Reno, NV)
Monday, January 8, 2007

Central in the climate change law is a cap on the amount of green house gasses an energy user can emit into the atmosphere.  If a company exceeds the cap, they can offset the balance by purchasing credits from areas like forests and grasslands that absorb carbon dioxide.  Steve Frisch of the Sierra Business Council says the program is perfect for heavily wooded counties.
What they provide as a benefit for clean air can really be turned into cash.  And if you can do that, you can provide a revenue stream in the rural areas they haven’t seen in the resource industries in years.
Frisch estimates that communities hard hit by the decline of logging could earn millions in additional revenue.  Plumas County has already signed on, and other governments and lumber companies are expected to follow. The California Air Resources Board begins deliberations this month on how to best implement the ground breaking law.

Brian Bahouth KXJZ News.