Flood Fears Persist For Condo Residents

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 8, 2007

12-months ago, when we first spoke with Judy Lambert, she was dealing with nearly 3-feet of water in her condo. 

"We’re all pretty shaken. I mean everything’s gone. You can see the mess around here of Pergo and carpet and furniture."

Today her renovated unit has new flooring and furniture but she’s still haunted by the flooding. 

"I do have flood dreams. My dreams are that the water comes in, that I’m standing there and that I’m watching it come in. I don’t sleep when it rains."

More than 60 Woodside units were flooded during New Year’s weekend of 2006 when nearby Strong Ranch slough in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood overflowed. Lambert went through the same thing back in 1997 when more than 80 Woodside units flooded. She says what’s frustrating is that those weren’t natural disasters.    

"It wasn’t like a levee broke. It is a slough that was built by the county."

County work crews recently built a 2-foot tall wall along the slough designed to protect Woodside from moderate storms in the future. Engineers say building a taller wall would only create flood risks for other homes. But Lambert says if there’s a series of heavy rain storms the wall won’t keep the water out. 

"It’s got like a band aid on it right now but it hasn’t really been fixed. They put a cement barrier there that they say now will protect us from the flood that happened last year but not from the previous floods that have happened here at Woodside." 

After spending 9-months repairing their condo, Lambert and her husband say they plan to move. 

"We can’t continue being afraid."