California Lawmakers Celebrate Speaker Pelosi

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 4, 2007

About 20 female lawmakers – and a few male ones - celebrated around a TV set as Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco was elected Speaker of the House.

 "The marble ceiling has been broken."

Democratic Assemblywoman Patty Berg wiped tears from her eyes as Pelosi was nominated.  She says it’s a huge step forward for women:

“I think what this shows is that we are just one step away from seeing a woman in the White House and a woman in the governor’s seat in the state of California.”

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero says she’s hoping Pelosi will help secure more federal dollars for the state: 

“I believe with this new leadership, with this new congress, with a greater empowerment of California, we’ll have a stronger message there.”

The women’s caucus is planning a Washington trip to meet with Pelosi.