Plumas County to Close School Libraries

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(Reno, NV)
Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Last session, congress failed to reauthorize a bill that paid rural governments for the loss of tax dollars once generated by timber harvest on federal lands.  The end of these Forest Reserve Funds as they’re known, and a steady decline in student population, are forcing tough decisions on Plumas County school superintendent Mike Chelotti.
We’ve done so many reductions in this district over the past four or five years that basically all we have left is transportation, special education aids, and then our libraries … and uh … you get away from that, we’ve basically cut everything else there is to go.
Sports will also be cut, and in addition to the librarians, as many as six administrators will loose their jobs unless funding is restored.  According to Chelotti, the district may even have to close their cafeterias to stave off bankruptcy.  Congress will reconsider the Payments to States program sometime next session. 

Brian Bahouth KXJZ News