Generosity After Yolo County Fires

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 25, 2006

The September 22nd fire burned over 10,000 acres and affected numerous rangeland owners. 

"It was very devastating to those people, particularly the loss of the livestock."

Rick Landon – Yolo County’s Agriculture Commissioner – says low growers not affected by the fires have contributed hay to their neighbors so that they could feed their surviving livestock.

"They donated both the hay, pasture, trucking and they were able to get them the feed they needed to get by until it started to rain and we started to have feed again."

10 growers donated half-a-dozen 25 ton truckloads of hay, several 80-bale stacks of hay and 50-acres of pastureland.  

"It’s one of those kinds of things that you really like to see - one of the things that renews your faith in mankind."

The fire was caused by a downed power line and spread quickly because of high winds.