Governor's Roundtable Focuses on Healthcare Coverage

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Restaurant owner Michael Osborne says he’s pleased to hear Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to provide health care won’t call for taxes to pay for it—but he says some proposals—to require coverage-- would hurt his bottom line.

 “We’re certainly concerned from a business point of view being in a very labor-intensive business how we’re going to be able to provide that coverage if there’s an employer mandate …” 

Osborne and others took part in a roundtable discussion with Governor Schwarzenegger at the state Capitol.  Schwarzenegger says everyone—from the uninsured to business owners and government will have responsibility for coverage—which he says will have positive results in other areas. 

“Everyone will benefit from it because it will bring healthcare costs down for those who are insured right now.” 

Schwarzenegger says the finishing touches are being placed on his plan which will be unveiled next month.