Santa Visits Sick Kids The High Tech Way

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 18, 2006

Four year old Madison Jentzen was awestruck, when a Cisco program participant dressed as one of Santa’s elves, told her to push the button on the phone and Santa appeared on the screen.
Madison got a doll and a toy horse from Santa’s elf…and then the short visit was over.
Madison is in the hospital being monitored for epilepsy. And her mom Stephanie Jentzen says the visit meant a lot, especially since Madison was hooked up to so many wires, she could only move inches from her bed.

When you have to be in the hospital during Christmas time, it’s really hard, ‘cause you’re friends are out playing, they’re going to Santa parades and doing all kinds of neat stuff and you know, you’re stuck here, and in her case, literally attached to the wall.  You can’t move much and it just brings a piece of that Christmas spirit to the hospital, which is really incredible. It’s incredible they did this.  How neat.
About 50 kids got to teleconference with Santa.  The technology is normally used by business people to hold meetings with other executives who are far away.
Cisco officials say they had heard good things about Sutter…and that’s why they chose it as the first California hospital to participate in their Christmas program. 
In addition to Sutter, the other hospitals chosen were in New York, South Carolina, Germany and Canada.