California Lawmaker Proposes Trans Fat Ban

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 18, 2006

Trans fats can be found many places you dine out.  The hydrogenated oils are used in baking and frying – and health experts have linked them to increased cholesterol and heart disease. Republican State Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia has introduced legislation that would ban the use of trans fats at California restaurants…she says it’s a serious issue:

“I think it’s cheaper to die than to fix the problem and that’s why we’ve done nothing about it and it’s time we do something about it.”

California Restaurant Association President Jot Condie says alternatives to trans fats include saturated fats – which are also unhealthy.  He says it’s not something the state should be legislating:

“Restaurants are a place where consumers ultimately make the decision here.  We also don’t think that the people of the state of California elected the members of their legislature to save them from margarine.”

Condie points out some chains have stopped using trans fats voluntarily.