Smoking Ban at State Parks and in Cars With Kids?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, December 15, 2006

Newly elected state Senator Jenny Oropeza wants to outlaw smoking at all state parks and beaches.  The Democrat says even though they’re not enclosed spaces, a ban is appropriate:

“If you’re sitting next to somebody on a beach, you’re still getting their second-hand smoke.”

Her bill would establish a 250 dollar fine for violators.  On its website, Philip Morris states “complete bans on outdoor smoking go too far.”

Oropeza is also bringing back a bill that was narrowly defeated in the Assembly last year.  It would prohibit smoking in cars when children under 18 are in the vehicle.  The fine for violations would be up to 100 dollars.  In January the law she authored as an Assemblywoman prohibiting smoking in areas such as covered parking lots and adjacent stairwells.