Race and Gender Debate to Expand to Other States

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ward Connerly was behind the move in California with Proposition 209 that banned race and gender consideration for state jobs and entry to public universities in 1996.  He says the recent approval by Michigan voters of a similar initiative has encouraged him to expand the effort to more than half-a-dozen other states.    

 “So we want to try to send a message to the public—the establishment that the public will opposes race preferences…”
Connerly calls affirmative action programs "state sponsored discrimination". But the State President of the California NAACP Alice Huffman says the result of Prop. 209 has been low enrollment of African Americans at public universities … and she calls Connerly’s actions “Un-American”. 

“He reminds me of Hitler in a lot of ways you know he’s got some kind of race notion in his head that he’s trying to create in America.” 

The states Connerly has said he will explore for future efforts include Nevada, Oregon and Utah.