New Legislative Session Underway

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, December 3, 2006
Just as veteran lawmakers will be sworn in alongside the 36 new members… will some familiar issues likely resurface among the new legislation this session.  The Governor’s Communications Director Adam Mendelssohn says Schwarzenegger’s aggressive agenda includes healthcare, alternative energy, water storage, prison reform and redistricting:  Too ambitious?  Mendelssohn says no – consider 2006:  "We got global warming, we had min. wage, we had the infrastructure bonds, prescription drugs – some said there was no ways we could – and that was an election year, so you can imagine what is possible in a non-election year when you have a desire by republicans and democrats to work together for the betterment of California.” However, some analysts argue it was the election that actually propelled things forward.  And some lawmakers have already voiced concerns about the direction certain proposals on healthcare or prisons might take.