Call To Insure All California Children

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 30, 2006

An estimated 700-thousand children in the state don’t have health insurance.   And voters want them to have it, says Judy Darnell with the United Ways Covering California’s Children.  According to a recent survey her group sponsored, 81% of voters support health insurance for all kids in the state:

 “Voters didn’t say some kids should have health insurance, they said all kids should have health insurance, and that we tested all kids and voters understood that we meant all kids, including the undocumented children.”

Governor Schwarzenegger has supported insuring undocumented children – but many Republican lawmakers disagree, and say the state should not insure those here illegally.  Schwarzenegger has said health coverage for the state’s 6 million uninsured is a priority next year.