Lawmakers React To Governor's Health Proposal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Schwarzenegger announced earlier this week one of his goals for next year is to make sure an estimated 6 point 7 million uninsured Californians have health coverage.
Sacramento County Republican Senator Dave Cox rejects the governor’s plan to give health insurance to the children of illegal immigrants:
I do not in fact want to see the state of California adopt a program that would provide coverage for the undocumented immigrants.  We’re not Mexico’s health maintenance organization.
And Sacramento Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones is skeptical:
He talked when he ran four years ago of the importance of insuring all of our children and we sent him some bills to do exactly that, and he vetoed those bills.
The Governor announced his plan Sunday on the Meet the Press show.  He said he expected Democratic and Republican lawmakers to work together to make it a reality.