Bear Problems on the Rise

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(Reno, NV)
Monday, November 27, 2006

One Grass Valley welder is reportedly filling 75 orders a week for his bear proof trash containers, an indication for biologists that human development is encroaching on bear habitat.  But for Doug Updike of the California Department of Fish and Game, it a sign that …


The correct message is getting out there and people are getting it.


Bears that eat human food have a higher birth rate and tend to return to urban sources with their young. Experts say that’s why it’s essential to keep things like garbage and pet food away from bears.  Chris Healy of the Nevada Department of Wildlife says getting information to millions of visitors is the biggest challenge.


If they’re coming from out of town, it’s very very difficult to train these people and make them bear aware, as we want them to be.


Some cities and counties have enacted codes that mandate bear proof trash containers, yet this year, there have been more than 40 bear-automobile accidents in the Tahoe Basin alone.

Brian Bahouth KXJZ News.