Homeless Grateful This Holiday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Volunteers are serving eggs, sausage and toast to about 80 women at Mary House -- part of the Loaves and Fishes charitable organization in Sacramento.
Sitting at a table is Marcy Pompei, who’s been living in her car. Pompei was evicted from her home after she became ill and couldn’t pay her rent.  She says the holidays are going to be difficult.
You’re automatically judged for being homeless.  It’s like, aww, you’re a dope addict, or you’re a “this,” and that’s not always the case.  I mean, I never thought in my whole world in my whole life that this would happen to me.
But Pompei says she’s grateful for the sense of community she’s found here.  Mary House is a source of food and daytime shelter for homeless and low income women and families. 
Today, the room is filled with only single women. 
Brenda Wayne sits a few tables away.   Wayne used to be drug addicted and homeless, but Mary House helped her get on her feet. She now works with other homeless women:
They’re grateful to be fed here, they’re grateful for the nuns that help them here and everything.  It’s hard for all of us.  It’s a sad season for all of us.
Mary House is already looking ahead to Christmas when it’s planning a special breakfast with Santa Clause who’ll be giving away gifts. Officials are looking for donations and volunteers.