Theatre Review: The Gift Of The Magi

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 20, 2006

“The Gift of the Magi” plays at Foothill Theatre Company through December 30.     

O. Henry’s very famous story is only a few pages long. Legend has it that he penned it in a tavern, between drinks. Foothill Theatre’s on-stage version opens with language straight out of that text.


Two actors, plus an on-stage pianist, relate the story of Della and Jim, who are lovebirds, living on a shoestring.


Della is admired for her long, dark hair. Jim owns a valuable watch, a family heirloom. If this sounds familiar, you doubtless read the story in school. This being a musical, songs have been added – they are pleasant, if not memorable. Young actors Lauren Adams and Jim Batusic are nonetheless bright and appealing. And the show has a fabulous look, with period sets and costumes.  Keep in mind, like the short story on which it is based, this show is brief – about 45 minutes. It’s basically a very sweet confection, charming, if not as substantial as Foothill Theatre’s larger holiday shows from other years.