New Tools Help 2006 Campaigns

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 20, 2006

For Matt David, Deputy Communications Director for Governor Schwarzenegger’s campaign, it was all about dominating their opponent, Democrat Phil Angelides’ message, in a tactic called “rapid response”. 

 “You try to affect the news cycle, that’s the goal of rapid response. You determine what the news is…” 

Video clips they’d placed on YouTube were part of the strategy to show up differences between the two candidates.  Kim Alexander with the California Voter Foundation says the prevalence of inexpensive video equipment should serve as warning. 

“Candidates for public office are going to really have to stay on their toes and they’re going to have to understand how this technology is working.” 

Alexander says she thinks newer, cheaper technology will encourage more voters to get involved, on their terms, in campaigns—and could serve as a wild card for candidates who would have no control over that message.