Gates Foundation Gives Millions To California Schools

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 13, 2006

The money’s aimed at increasing the number of high school graduates prepared for college and work.   It will allow the state and counties to increase an existing pilot program from four California districts to fifteen.  Dave Long with the County Superintendents Educational Services Association says the goal is developing intervention teams that can go in and help a struggling school:


 “Our organization, county superintendents, will use the best practices and lessons learned in these districts, and we eventually equip every regional office in the state with a well-trained intervention team that will have the skills and knowledge to transform these low-performing schools.”

According to the Department of Education, more than 160 of the state’s one-thousand school districts have not met the federal “No Child Left Behind” benchmarks for the past two years.  The expectation is that California’s system could eventually serve as a model for low-performing schools across the country.