Inauguration On the Horizon

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 10, 2006

The ceremony surrounding the swearing-in of the Governor has evolved over the years, says Vito Sgromo, an historian with the Department of General Services.  He says some early inaugurations were very low-key – and didn’t happen until months after the Governor had been in office.  On the other hand, he says, there was Ronald Reagan’s first swearing-in:

“He felt he needed to be sworn in the minute after midnight, after the votes had verified.  That was his need for urgency to get into office and to move forward.”

Sgromo says the ceremony really varies by individual – and media attention has grown with celebrities in office.  After the recall election, Schwarzenegger had a fairly low-key inauguration, though there was a definite Hollywood presence.  Some analysts expect more fanfare this time around.