SMUD Expansion Defeated

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

There were 3 measures on the ballot that would have let the Sacramento Municipal Utility District expand into current PG&E territory in Yolo County, including West Sacramento, Davis and Woodland. But current SMUD customers in Sacramento and Placer counties rejected Measure L and Yolo County voters rejected Measures H and I.

SMUD Board President Genavive Shiroma speculated that Yolo County voters may have said no because they’re just not familiar with SMUD. 

"Our customers at SMUD have a very strong relationship with us and have given us high ratings. The customers in Yolo don’t have that same relationship with us. That could factor into it. It was a very, very competitive campaign." 

PG&E questioned the cost of annexation and argued that there would be no benefit for current customers.