Bond Measures Championed by Governor, Democrats Approved

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Voters approved all five bond measures- 1A through 1E….some by overwhelming margins.  The bonds will provide billions for building roads and schools, housing and levees.   Democratic Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata says there’s a reason voters approved the bonds – and rejected some of the other propositions:

What we put on the ballot as the legislature and the Governor for infrastructure was really a consensus that we built and the voters were telling us that’s what we want.  Most of the other measures were put on by special interests and they ended up shooting themselves in the head.”

Prop. 1A limits lawmakers’ ability to use state gas sales tax money for anything other than transportation.  1B funds roads and transit, 1C will pay for housing and shelters, 1D supports schools, and 1E funds flood control.