Forecasters Say Flooding A Possibility

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 6, 2006

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service aren’t exactly sure what the winter holds in terms of rainfall.  Their forecasts are being thrown off by a weak to moderate El Nino that is developing. 
El Nino is when the water in the Pacific Ocean warms, changing traditional weather patterns.
Holly Snell, with the Service, says that could bring more rain to the area…or not:
For Northern California, an El Nino can bring us wetter or drier or neutral conditions.

Forecasters say their best guess is for normal rainfall in Northern California.  But Snell says that doesn’t rule out the possibility of isolated heavy storms, which could cause flooding along the Sacramento River or the Delta.  That happened last New Year’s and also on New Year’s in 1997.