Insurance Commissioner's Race

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 3, 2006

The race pits a political newcomer – Republican Steve Poizner – against long-time public office-holder - Democrat Cruz Bustamante.  Poizner – a wealthy businessman - says a top priority is reducing rates:

 “Insurance costs from auto insurance to life insurance, eat up a large chunk of a family’s budget and we need to drive down the cost of insurance in California.”

One way he proposes to do that is to crack down on insurance fraud.
Bustamante – currently Lieutenant Governor- says he wants to bring health insurance rates down –and he supports a national disaster relief insurance program:

 “(It) would be something that would be able to provide us a very very large number of people that are in the pool, spreads the risk, and rates will come down.”

In TV ads, Poizner has accused his opponent of taking money from insurance companies.  Bustamanate says he gave it back. 
The latest Field Poll shows Democrat Cruz Bustamante trailing Republican Steve Poizner by nine points in the race for Insurance Commissioner.