Proposition 83: New Policies and Penalties for Sex Offenders

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 2, 2006

Among other things, Proposition 83 or Jessica’s Law eliminates early release credits for some inmates and extends parole for others.  It also requires lifetime GPS monitoring for felony registered sex offenders. Republican Assemblywoman Sharon Runner is one of the measure’s authors. 

 “We want to make sure when they get out of prison those who have abused children who have felony assaults on children we will know where they are at all times with GPS …”

The non-partisan legislative analyst says monitoring alone could eventually top 100-million dollars annually. At a recent legislative hearing, Jesse Morris with California Attorneys for Criminal Justice noted the measure does nothing for rehabilitation. 

“It takes all of the resources and puts it into probation or tracking or some other mechanism other than the treatment.” 

Critics have also said new residency requirements will push convicted sex offenders disproportionately into rural areas, something supporters say would not be allowed under current guidelines.