Arena Supporters Look To 2008

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The steering committee for Measures Q and R sat down with reporters Wednesday. 

"Let’s just have a frank discussion about where we are." 

Committee member Sandra Smoley says stalled talks with the Maloof family over an arena deal and the court-ordered release of a Memorandum of Understanding on a proposed deal haven’t helped their campaign.

Now downtown arena backers are looking ahead to the next election day in June of 2008. Smoley and Sacramento Vice Mayor Rob Fong say that’ll give them more time to rally universal support behind the idea. 

Smoley: "Hopefully the opponents will come and be on our team."

Fong: "And that actually brings up a great point because if we’re not successful on Tuesday and we get set to go again the luxury of that kind of time gives us the ability to reach out to the opponents."  

But they say any new arena would still have to be publicly funded.