Proposition 85: Parental Notification Requirement

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 30, 2006

The proponents of Proposition 85 say similar notification laws have been enacted in more than thirty other states. Spokesman Albin Rhomberg says it’s time for California to require doctors to tell parents before their daughters obtain an abortion. 

 “We believe the best welfare and care of the daughter is facilitated if the parent is not put in the dark or deceived especially with respect to performing a surgical procedure…”

But opponents say law can’t force good communication. No on 85 campaign manager Steve Smith says some teens could be endangered.

 “Because there’s violence in the homes, there’s drugs in the home, sometimes incest in the home.. those teenagers are left absolutely alone.” 

Opponents also say that one of the measure’s exceptions that allows a pregnant teen to go to court to waive the requirement is too difficult.

The proposal would also allow a parent to sign a waiver in advance.