Prison Guard's Union Considers Lawsuit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 27, 2006

The legislative counsel does not specifically address contracts signed last week by the state to house 22-hundred inmates in four states….nor does it address the Governor’s emergency proclamation which preceded them. 

 It does say that contracting is allowed in certain cases….but if specific criteria aren’t met, the move would violate the constitution.  California Correctional Peace Officers Association President Mike Jimenez says they’re still considering their options – but he’s against transferring prisoners out-of-state:

It’s a band-aid on a jugular wound and we are trying to force the administration to deal with the problem and be honest about what’s going on.”

The legal opinion was requested by Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero.  The Democrat has called on the Governor to withdraw the contracts.  A corrections and rehabilitation spokeswoman says the opinion is abstract and doesn’t take all of the facts into account.