Controller's Race

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 26, 2006

Republican Tony Strickland is a fiscal conservative who calls himself a “fighter.” The former lawmaker says he knows exactly what he’ll do first if elected: audit the L.A. Unified School District:

“Whenever we waste dollars  in the LAUSD it doesn’t go to other school districts and the bottom line is when we spend money on education the goal is to get that money into the classroom and no one’s overseeing the checkbook right now.”

Chairman of the Board of Equalization John Chiang is the Democratic candidate.  He worked in the Controller’s office under Governor Davis, and says he’ll go after what he calls the “underground economy.”


 “If you operate a business and you’re not paying the payroll taxes, or you’re not paying the payroll taxes, you’re not paying the transactional taxes, the honest business owner is operating at a competitive disadvantage.”


The Controller’s duties include: managing the state’s finances, and
bringing in revenue through collections and audits.