The Skinny on Prop. 84

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The 5.4 billion dollar bond would fund a long list of things – including water quality and conservation and state park improvements.  Department of Water Resources Director Lester Snow says it also contains a critical 800 million for flood control: 

 “The investments are not optional, so if this isn’t the method then we’ll have to try again.”

President of the National Tax Limitation Committee, Lew Uhler argues it’s the environmental groups supporting 84 who will benefit financially from the measure…and he says it doesn’t adequately address water storage:

 “There is nowhere in the language that we find any requirement that any of the money be spent on new reservoirs or dams.”

Snow says 84 supports efforts such as conservation and wastewater recycling, and says those could mean enough additional water supply for two million families.