New Folsom Bridge Project Nearly Ready

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Folsom Mayor Andy Morin says they expect to break ground on a new bridge across the American River within the next few months. 

"We’re looking at January or February - you know it’s kind of been a spot on the calendar we’ve all been anxious to get to." 

City officials are eager to build the bridge because ever since Folsom Dam Road was closed, it’s created traffic gridlock. 

"The road right over Folsom Dam carried about 18,000 cars a day at the time - that all spilled into the historic district of Folsom and we’re anxious to get it back on the outskirts with the construction of this new bridge."

Folsom City Council members Tuesday are expected to pass a resolution to spend Measure A funds on the project. That’s the half-cent sales tax approved by voters two years ago for various transportation improvements. That money will help pay the bridge’s 115-Million dollar price tag. The rest will come from the federal government.

Construction is expected to take 2 years.