The Latino Vote and the Upcoming Election

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 23, 2006

Mark Baldassare with the Public Policy Institute of California says about fourteen-percent of those likely to show up at the polls are Latino… And he says it’s a voting group that can’t be pinned down to a particular ideology or candidate. 

“We’re not really sure which way they’re going to go because there isn’t a lot of history first of all…"

The Director of Chicano Studies at U.C. Davis, Dr. Adela De La Torre says running ads to court the Latino vote is not enough. 

“It’s that personal relationship, that face-to-face to relationship, that rooted relationship of trust…  is key to having somebody respond to your message.” 

As for the candidates’ efforts, Governor Schwarzenegger has a group of people who reach out to Latino voters.  Many of his ads are also run in Spanish.  Democrat Phil Angelides recently hired a Latino outreach coordinator.