Board of Equalization Primer

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 23, 2006

The short version is the Board of Equalization – or B-O-E for short- collects 50 billion dollars a year in taxes and fees.  They include sales and use, fuel, alcohol, tobacco and other taxes.  They also play a big role in administering property taxes.  And spokeswoman Anita Gore says they have another important job too:

They are elected officials who have responsibility for making determination when people have  dispute with the state on what the taxes are that they owe.”

That includes businesses and individuals – and all kinds of taxes.  Gore says the B-O-E has grown over the years as more tax and fee programs have been implemented.  There are now 4,000 employees.  The Board itself is made up of the four elected district members, representing different parts of the state, and the Controller.