State Cyber Safety Summit

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

At the summit, Governor Schwarzenegger addressed teachers, law enforcement and technology reps with some tough talk:

Let’s send a clear message here to all of the cyber predators out here and to all of the cowards who want to make victims out of our children, that we are coming after you, that we will find you and that we will punish you.”

The state’s focusing on prevention – with a new informational website, and the newly formed coalition for Children’s Internet safety.  Another tactic that’s being called successful are computer games, like this one, called missing:

"Then one night, Zach’s Dad came home and stumbled across some files that were left on his computer…."

This game was developed by a group called web wise kids.  They’ve also developed new games they’re sending to agencies statewide.